Captive Management and Services

A Captive is an Insurance Company subsidiary within the corporation’s structure.

  • It is recognized as an insurance company for regulatory and reinsurance purposes
  • It usually is domiciled in a specialized location either offshore or onshore where permitted by law
  • It can benefit corporations small or large
  • Globally acceptable, not limited to the traditional locations like the USA and UK and is increasing in popularity in Canada.

A properly managed Captive can help the Corporation:

  • Maintain or enhance current limits and coverage
  • Reduced overall costs
  • Enhanced corporate control of insurance
  • Programme consolidation
  • Programme flexibility
  • Enhanced access to insurance/reinsurance markets
  • Stabilize insurance costs
  • Reduce frictional costs
  • Single deductible for multi interest claims
  • Minimize external/internal influences

Beaufort Group in conjunction with its sister organization AIR, have a broad knowledge and experience dealing with many domestic and international oil and gas companies captives. AIR has access to international insurance resources and are not restricted to corporate mandates.