Crime Coverage

This coverage provides indemnity to the insured for the wrongful abstraction of money or securities involving:

  • Employee Dishonesty (money securities and property other than m & s)
  • Forgery and Alteration
  • Robbery, Burglary, Safe Burglary
  • Theft, disappearance, destruction of money and securities (Covers inside the insured’s premises or a banking premise against “theft”, “disappearance”, or “destruction”).
  • Computer Fraud (theft of property following and directly related to the use of any computer to fraudulently cause a transfer of that property from inside the premises or banking premises to a person (other than a messenger) outside those premises or to a place outside those premises.
  • Extortion (insures against loss of money, securities, and property other than money and securities resulting directly from “extortion”. The fact that the surrender must occur away from the premises is important).