Flood Insurance Coverage

Detached Single Family Dwelling Flood Insurance in Calgary

Flood Calgary A 2013

“Homeowners ill-informed about flood compensation, poll suggests” View full CBC Article HERE:

**IF YOU NEED TO MAKE A CLAIM FOR OVERLAND FLOOD CALL CUNNINGHAM LINDSAY AT 1-800-235-8784 or you can also email them at: dispatch@cl-na.com**

There is ONLY a limited number of policies available so ACT NOW!

Please feel free to read the article CBC wrote about the Flood Insurance Programme, or the Globe and Mail.

Please be advised that during the flood season the programme will remain open on a day to day basis, however if there is a threat of an imminent flood no new policies will be issued until flood threat has ceased.

To apply for a quote please fill out the application form here.

Building Property:

  • Home (Dwelling Building described at the insured location)
  • Building under construction
  • Built in dishwashers
  • Carpet
  • Furnace and radiators
  • Hot water heaters
  • Air conditioner
  • Stoves
  • Ovens
  • Water softeners

Personal Property:

  • Portable air conditioner or window types
  • Non installed carpet or over unfinished flooring
  • Carpet over finished flooring
  • Washers and dryers
  • BBQ
  • Microwaves
  • Portable dishwashers

Pay up to $1,000 for certain Loss avoidance measures and the value of the work you or a member of your house hold provided:

  1. Sand bags, pumps etc
  2. Up to $1000 for expenses incurred to move insured property to safety and the value of work.

Up to an additional $2500 for:

  1. Artwork, photographs, collectibles, or memorabilia, including but not limited to, porcelain or other figures, and sports cards;
  2. Rare books or autographed items;
  3. Jewelry, watches, precious and semiprecious stones, or articles of gold, silver, or platinum;
  4. Furs or any article containing fur which represents its principal value.
  5. Personal property used in any business. We will pay only for the functional value of antiques.

**Please be aware this policy does not replace your Homeowners policy, which you should maintain in force and we always recommend you regularly review it with your insurance broker.**

**This policy is ONLY for direct physical loss by or from overland flood. This policy is intended for repairs and replacement of the actual building and equipment described below. This policy DOES NOT cover contents.**

**The following are highlights of the policy ONLY, the terms and conditions are always subject to the Policy Wording.**

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does this cover? Subject to policy conditions, it covers your home against damages as a result of overland flood.

How much does it cost? Depends on certain criteria please fill out the form found here.

I need more than $1,000,000 limit? Currently we only offer a $1,000,000 limit, however we do offer a limit of up to $2,500,000 for homes that have a total insured value on their homeowners policy over $2,500,000.

Why do I need to send in my homeowners’ summary page? To demonstrate to us that you have a current homeowners policy and to provide information to assist in the quotation process.

How do I determine the insured value of my home? It will be on the summary page of your current homeowners insurance.

Can I insure other residences other then my primary residence? Not currently.

I just moved in how do I know how many flood losses there have been? If you cannot find out please just let us know on the application.

I have sewer back up on my homeowners’ policy, do I still need this? This policy provides coverage for Overland flood which is different from sewer back up. We strongly recommend that you continue to maintain sewer back up on your Homeowner’s insurance. For owners who qualify we do offer sewer back up as a direct result of overland flood.

Can Beaufort Group provide Homeowners coverage? No we do not, please contact your broker.

I don’t know how much the total losses were for my home from the floods, how do I find that out? If you cannot find out please just let us know on the application.

Do I have coverage for personal property? Limited amount of coverage, subject to policy conditions and sub limit.

Do we have coverage for loss avoidance measures, such as sandbags, supplies and labour? Subject to policy conditions and sub-limit $1,000.

Do we have coverage for property removed to safety? Subject to policy conditions and sub-limit of $1,000.

I am not in Calgary can I buy this coverage? Not at this time.

I live in High River can I buy this coverage? Not from us but you can contact your local broker in High River.

My primary residence isn’t in Calgary can I still get coverage? We will review on a case by case basis.

I don’t have a homeowner’s policy can I still buy this coverage? No this is not a homeowner’s policy; you are required to have a homeowner’s policy in effect.

Does this replace my homeowner’s policy? No, this is an Overland Flood Coverage separate to your homeowners.

I do not own my primary residence, I am a renter, and can I purchase this coverage? Not at this time.