Insurance Review

  1. What is a review?
    1. Will allow the corporation to evaluate the adequacy of their insurance programme
    2. Identify and allow informed decisions on enhancements, cost savings, and strategy to meet current/future needs
  2. How does it work?
    1. Analyze current programme
    2. Prepare a presentation on findings/options and recommendations
  3. What benefits does it provide?
    1. Complete understanding of current programme
    2. Options available to the client
    3. Strategic planning for now and future
  4. What is required from the client?
    1. Commitment to proceed
    2. Compile current information of the corporations current insurance programme with our assistance
  5. Beaufort/AIR begin the review

Beaufort Group in conjunction with its sister organization AIR, have a broad knowledge and experience dealing with many domestic and international oil and gas company’s insurance programmes. AIR has access to international insurance resources and are not restricted to corporate mandates.