Specialty Risk

This insurance program will protect our clients against the financial risk of kidnap and ransom of the companies employees and their families. The policy uses select companies with this type of risk management expertise to help prevent losses, as well as people hireling people with experience in dealing with K & R cases. For example Asset Protection Limited covers the following in their policy; Ransom, Detention and Hijack payments, extortion(where given), product extortion (where applicable), loss in transit, fees and expenses of public relations consultants and interpreters, cost of travel and accommodation, legal costs, monetary reward to an informant, cost of medical and/or psychiatric care, interest on authorized loans to meet a ransom, personal financial loss (where given), cost of communication, recording equipment and advertising, fees and expenses of independent forensic analysis, reasonable cost of cosmetic or plastic surgery, and fees and expenses of specialist consultants to advise on the safe release of the victim for the duration of the capacity and without limit of liability.

Protection against the increasing risk of abduction and extortion threats to persons and property and products around the globe. Reimburses costs of approved independent crisis management company/team working on the policyholder’s behalf.  Coverage includes:

  • Kidnap/Alleged Kidnap, Extortion, Wrongful Detention, and Hijack.
  • Death or dismemberment benefits arising from a covered incident.
  • Ransom/extortion payment.
  • Loss in-transit of payment.
  • Judgment, settlements and defense costs.
  • Recall and business interruption costs.
  • 24-hour emergency response line.